Event locations and holiday destinations for rent.

We warmly recommend the following YMCA hostels and other event venues.
Note: The hostels presented here are more suited to renting out by larger groups than individual travellers, and some may not rent only to individuals.


YMCA Hostel "CeviFerienhaus Greifensee"

Our hostel in Greifensee offers all you need for a weekend away, school trips or group camps.


dez 2002 Bild06

dez 2002 Bild06

The house has room for up to 48 people and is suitable for:

  •  Holiday camps
  •  School camps and field trips
  •  Confirmation camps
  •  Weekend retreats
  •  Sports training camps
  •  Courses, seminars and group conferences

This well-furnished house is in a quiet location at the edge of a forest, about 900 meters away from Lake Greifensee (20 minutes from Zurich by car or train). 

For pictures and more information, please see the youth hostel's home page. For questions and reservations, email us at or call +41 44 213 20 57

YMCA Hostel Kandersteg

Our hostel in Kandersteg offers all you need for a weekend away, school trips or group camps.
Bildschirmfoto 2020-05-02 um 17.47.15

Bildschirmfoto 2020-05-02 um 17.47.15

YMCA Hostel in Kandersteg

The house has room for 42 people and is suitable for camps of all kinds.

The town of Kandersteg in the canton of Berne is located at 1100 meters above sea level, along the railway line "Lötschberglinie" in the beautiful Bernese Oberland. It is easily reachable by car or public transit (around 2 hours from Zurich, or 2 hours 30 minutes from Geneva).
The youth hostel is located just outside of the town of Kandersteg next to the Kander river and is surrounded by a beautiful forest. It is about 15 minutes' walk from the local train station.

For pictures and more information in German, please see the hostel's home page. For more information in English, questions and reservations, contact us at or 044 213 20 57

Hostels of the Glockenhof Guides and Scouts Association

The Glockenhof Guides and Scouts Association owns and manages seven different hostels in Switzerland. Two of these are Alt-Üetliberg and Bläsimühli.
4s Flyer A5 Heimverein Juni 29 8 Internet 2s HV Kopie

4s Flyer A5 Heimverein Juni 29 8 Internet 2s HV Kopie

Reservations can be made directly with the Glockenhof Guides and Scouts Association, which is a group member of the YMCA/YWCA Zurich.

Anzeige Heimverein quer Febr 13

Anzeige Heimverein quer Febr 13

YMCA Hostel "Cevi-Haus Altstetten"

A jewel - within the city of Zurich, yet still surrounded by nature.


The hostel in Zurich Altstetten.

The YMCA/YWCA youth centre in Zurich Altstetten is the only YMCA hostel in the city of Zurich which can be rented for camps and weekends.
As it is used for school purposes during the week, it can only be rented on weekends and and Zurich city school holidays. This YMCA hostel is managed and rented out by the association 'CVJM/F Jugendhausverein Altstetten'.

YMCA Hostel "Cevi-Hütte Zumikon".



This cabin is located at the edge of a forest next to the tennis club of Zumikon. Besides being a location for YMCA afternoon programmes, it's also used for storage by the local YMCA group. This cabin is not connected to electricity and water supply. Thanks to its solar panels, there is still lighting and a little electricity available in the evenings and at night. 

The cabin can be rented upon request:

Spitak YMCA, Armenia

Our partner association in Armenia also has a guest house. Three high-class double bedrooms, one family suite and one larger shared room make for a pleasant stay in the north of Armenia.


Reservations can be made simply through tripadvisor.

Sponsors of the Spitak YMCA receive special offers through the YMCA/YWCA Zurich head office!

Meeting rooms.

Our association's headquarters, the "Cevi Zentrum Glockenhof", also features well-equipped conference and meeting rooms in a first-rate location. Our hotel Glockenhof is also more than worth staying at!

Cevi Zentrum Glockenhaus, Sihlstrasse 33, 8001 Zürich

The meeting rooms in our house are rented out by the Glockenhaus Foundation.


Glockenhof Hotel

Highly recommended for travellers of all kinds: our 4* superior hotel "Glockenhof".