Flexible daycare since 2010.

Gloggespiel. Flexible childcare in the heart of downtown Zurich.

Would you like to sit quietly in a café, go shopping in peace or enjoy some child-free leisure time while knowing that your child is having a good time and playing with other kids? Wouldn't that be something?
Know that your child is being well cared for while learning how to behave in a group and grow with other children.
We invite you to come by our "Gloggespiel" daycare centre. Come and see for yourself - every child is welcome here!
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Offers and prices

What we offer - how much it costs

The Gloggespiel childcare centre will remain closed over Christmas and New Year's from 21 Dec 2020 until 04 Jan 2021. We are looking forward to seeing you again on Tue, 05 Jan 2021!

Tue - Fri: 8.30 AM - 1.30 PM
Tue - Fri: 12 - 6 PM / Sat: 10 AM - 6 PM
Outside our opening hours.

Morning playgroups

Most children visit our morning playgroups on a regular basis and are dropped off and picked up at set times. This allows the groups to go out on field trips. If you would like your child to be able to participate in these outings, please drop them off no later than 9 AM and pick them up after 1 PM.

However, we are also able to care for your child flexibly between 9 AM and 1 PM.

Time: drop-of 8:30 - 9 AM, pickup 1 - 1:30 PM (Attendance between 9 AM and 1 PM preferably fixed, but we can also care for your child for only part of this time)

The morning playgroups can be combined with flexible, hourly childcare in the afternoons.

Location: Gloggespiel, Cevi Zentrum Glockenhof, Sihlstrasse 33, 8001 Zürich. Use the main entrance, then follow the signs.

Days: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays (except on statutory & company holidays)

Registration: Mandatory. Depending on group constellation, we may not be able to care for your child without advance notice.

Attention: We are not a full daycare cente. Our offers are complementary to other daycare centres in the city of Zurich. We offer short-term care, but we cannot care for your child on multiple, entire days per week. Your child can attend childcare here for a maximum of 20 hours per week.

Pricing for morning playgroups and hourly childcare (from August 2020): 

Children over 18 months: CHF 11 per hour - siblings discounted by CHF 2 per hour

Babies from 4 - 18 months: CHF 20 per hour - no discounts

Payment accepted by card, in cash or by TWINT. Payment is due per morning.

Childcare costs are tax deductible. Keep your receipts for your tax return. If you like, we can also provide you with a yearly overview of your childcare costs with us.

Pick up: It is essential that you call us (044 213 20 57) if you are late to pick your child up. 

Childcare outside of regular opening hours

We intentionally focus on versatile and flexible offers, and we're able to arrange care outside of our usual hours if needed.

Would you like to meet up with other families for Sunday brunch at the Glockenhof Hotel, knowing your children are well cared for? Are you planning a birthday party? Get in touch!

Send a request:

Cost for childcare outside of regular opening hours: CHF 55 per hour, per caregiver (number of caregivers needed may vary based on group size and constellation)

For private childcare outside of our opening hours, we recommend you hire a nanny through or the Swiss Red Cross baby sitter list.


Hourly childcare:

Tue - Fri 12 PM - 6 PM, Sat 10 AM - 6 PM

Drop-off and billing by the hour (payment accepted by card, TWINT or in cash)

Children over 18 months: CHF 11 per hour. Siblings discounted by CHF 2 per hour

Children under 18 months: CHF 20 per hour, no discounts

Pick up: It is essential that you call us (044 213 20 57) if you are late to pick your child up, so we are able to explain to them what is happening.

Guiding principles.

How we work.

Play and Creativity for children in the heart of Downtown

Children of all backgrounds, cultures, languages and needs are welcome at our daycare centre and we do our very best to care for each child, with all of their individual needs and character quirks. The YMCA and YWCA have been working for decades to empower youth and children and allow them to reach their fullest potential. That is why, among other things, we offer a space for children to play and be creative, right at the heart of downtown Zurich. 

We believe that:

  • children are a gift from God
  • every child is unique
  • every child needs space to develop and grow
  • children need space to play and mature within safe boundaries


Flexibility for Parents

Being a parent is a demanding job. We want to do everything within our ability to support you.

We want to offer you the possibility of having some free time to yourself, to benefit both you and your children. Take care of important things quickly and efficiently without having to worry about your children. Take a much-needed break knowing your children are well cared for, refuel and relax - your whole family will be glad.


Supervision and Safety

Your child is in safe hands with us.

All of our supervisors work according to our guiding principles and concepts. We have take all possible precautions to assure the safety of the children at play and in general. Your child will only be returned to people you specify.


Quality assurance

The general managers of the Gloggespiel and the morning playgroup leaders are professionally trained in child care and group leadership.

All of our caregivers are experienced in working with and caring for children and they must attend further training at least twice a year.

Additionally, all of our caregivers are professionally advised and overseen by our advisory commitee. The advisory commitee is made up of volunteer workers with professional experience in the field (Kindergarden teachers, nannys, psychologists, teachers, parents, conflict managers, and others).



The offers of Gloggespiel do not require government licensing. We are overseen and advised by the regulatory authority for daycare facilities in the city of Zurich, in both the development and the ongoing operation of the Gloggespiel. Apart from this, we are in close contact with other childcare facilities in Zurich, and we are part of the interest group for childcare 1-7-8 Zurich (German name: Interessengemeinschaft Kinderbetreuung 1-7-8 Zürich).

However, we are not a full-day nursery.

Working parents who are looking for fixed, full-day care for their children should look for a full-day nursery and register their children there. These are ideal for this purpose and have the necessary government licensing. We cannot care for your child for more than 20 hours per week.


Who we are.

Andrea Künsch-Wälchli

General manager, YMCA/YWCA Zurich
MBA transcultural communication & management
Teacher, former special education teacher

Martina Klee
Administrative manager of Gloggespiel
Early childhood educator
Long-time YMCA scouting leader


All our supervisors work according to our guiding principles and are experienced in working with children. They are supported by our advisory committee, which is made up of volunteers from different areas of expertise (kindergarden, family day-care, parents, psychologists, teachers, mediators, among others) and recieve special training.


Advisory committee

The advisory committee is responsible for quality assurance and continued development of the Gloggespiel childcare. The committee is made up of the Gloggespiel managers and external qualified professionals. 

Members of the advisory committee are:

  • Andrea Künsch-Wälchli (General manager of the YMCA/YWCA Zurich and former special school teacher)
  • Martina Klee (Administrative manager of Gloggespiel)
  • Thea Flückiger (Board member in charge of education projects, social worker, employment coach)
  • Jennifer Lowthian (museum education officer, mother)
  • Amela Kujevic (Master of Science in Psychology, social media expert, long-time Gloggespiel caregiver)
  • Esther Sprenger (Child psychologist)
  • Ruth Strässler (Social deacon, daytime nanny, family manager)

Contact us

Questions? Get in touch!

Are you interested in one of our offers?

Please contact us: or 044 213 20 57 or use the contact form below


Special requests / Questions

Full name
E-mail address
Telephone number
Please specify your needs in as much detail as possible (including: age of your child, duration and regularity of care needed, special requirements of children or parents, ...)


In order to offer affordable childcare for everyone and maintain a high quality, we do not operate cost-coveringly. Please help us continue to invest in families!

Your donations make it possible for children from low-income families to profit from our child care services, even if they couldn't afford to do so otherwise.

As we are certified by ZEWO (Swiss certification authority for charities), your donation is tax-deductible.

Account information: PC 80-1050-3, payment note: "Spende Gloggespiel"

Gift certificates

Have you ever wondered what gift to give someone who already seems to have everything they need?

Donate 10 hours of child supervision to a friend or a family in need!

Gift certificates can also be purchased for an amount of your choice.

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