Connected worldwide.

We are proud to be a part of the World Alliance of YMCA's, as well as the World YWCA, the world's largest non-profit organisations for children and youth. We are involved in organising a number of international activities, as often as our options allow it.

Our main commitment is our partnership with the YMCA in Spitak, Armenia, but we have a broad network of other international connections as well.


As an accredited sending, hosting and coordinating organisation, we are able to receive and send out volunteers as a part of the EVS program.

Besides various EVS volunteers from Armenia, we have also welcomed guests from Ukraine and Denmark.

EVS projects are facilitated by the Movetia Foundation:



Unify - The mission network within the European YMCA / YWCA movement. The YMCA/YWCA Zurich is part of the Unify mission network and actively takes part in its leadership team

The Unify mission network aims to connect Christians in Europe and around the world, and to make them acquainted with the foundation for our entire movement, the Paris Basis.

Attending the Unify is an opportunity for many of our members to strengthen their faith and receive enouragement to continue their volunteer activities at home. The Unify aims to be a place where the YMCA/YWCA's huge diversity can be experienced in an inspiring, peaceful and respectful way.


For more information (in English):


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Meet locals as an expat. Get help learning German. Find a community.

Change Agents.

A project of the World Alliance of YMCA's.

The Change Agent training program is offered by the World Alliance of YMCA's for young people to gain international work and leadership experience.

As YMCA/YWCA Zurich, we see ourselves as part of the worldwide YMCA/YWCA movement and would like to pass on this perspective to all our members and member organisations. Therefore we are proud to have Tabea Ulrich v/o Sores from Cevi Zürich 10 as a trained Change Agent as one of our members.

Learn more about the Change Agent Training Program on the World YMCA's website (in English)