Connected worldwide.

We are proud to be a part of the World Alliance of YMCA's, as well as the World YWCA, the world's largest non-profit organisations for children and youth. We are involved in organising a number of international activities, as often as our options allow it.

Our main commitment is our partnership with the YMCA in Spitak, Armenia, but we have a broad network of other international connections as well.


As an accredited sending, hosting and coordinating organisation, we are able to receive and send out volunteers as a part of the EVS program.

Besides various EVS volunteers from Armenia, we have also welcomed guests from Ukraine and Denmark.

EVS projects are facilitated by the Movetia Foundation:


Hannah at Cevi Zürich

Hannah Elvstroem-Vieth from KFUM/KFUK Denmark will spend her EVS-year with us starting from September 2020.








Nikolaj at Cevi Zürich

Nikolaj is a volunteer from KFUM/KFUK Denmark and made his service with us from August 2019 - March 2020.





Sofya at Cevi Zürich

Sofya Arghamanyan spent 6 months with us, from February to August 2019.

"Before introducing myself, I would like to mention that it is a great pleasure for me to know that far from “Hamamlu“ exists a magazine, which units the Armenians of Switzerland. Moreover, I am glad to become a little part of a magazine,  which carries the name of my hometown.
I am Sofya Arghamanyan, 20 years old. I am from Armenia, from a very small town, which has a new restart after the tragic challenges and difficulties. I studied Linguistic and Intercultural Communication. The 2019 changed the wheel of my life to Switzerland, as I was chosen as an EVS volunteer by Cevi Zürich. This organisation is very special for me, because unlike the other ones that I knew before, it focuses on human resources and relations. It is like a big family for me with a very warm and friendly atmosphere. I have an opportunity to work in the childcare, in the office and in the cafe. I think this working diversity will give me a lifelong experience and good communication skills, which will be a great knowledge store for my future career.
I am enjoying being in this wonderful country!"


Daria at Cevi Zürich

Daria Chefan, volunteer from Odessa YMCA, Ukraine, spent her year with us from October 2018 - October 2019.







Donara at Cevi Zürich

March 2018 - March 2019

My time as an EVS-volunteer:

"I am Donara Tshorokhyan. It is been more than half a year that I am an EVS volunteer in Cevi Zurich. Before one makes up her mind she ponders over having pangs of conscience. This happened to me as well, before making a decision to come to Switzerland and become an EVS volunteer for a year. By all means, it was not a piece of cake, there has been a hard row to hoe, but I have realized, it has been blessing in dusguise. Now I am proud to have made one of the right decisions in my 20`s.

I do not regret. All the things I have lived through here, have been the most important lessons I have learned for myself and here I concluded that every cloud has a silver lining.
I am so thankful to the staff I have worked with and the host family I have lived with, they are simply the best. Thanks to the kind and wise people in Cevi Zürich, I have acquired so many skills that I did not possess before."


Susanna at Cevi Zürich

Our first long-term volunteer from Spitak, Susanna Kotoshyan, spent her EVS-year in Switzerland from April 2017 - February 2018.

Susanna Kotoshyan, 20 years old volunteer Ten Sing leader of Spitak YMCA, has supported the various programs of Zurich YMCA during her stay.
She stayed in two different guest families in Zurich. One of them took part in the Armenia trip of the Zurich based Russian choir «White Nights» in summer 2016. The same choir afterwards gave a charity concert for Spitak YMCA during the autumn bazar of Zurich YMCA.
We are happy about these various further strenghthenings and deepenings of our partnerhip.



Unify - The mission network within the European YMCA / YWCA movement. The YMCA/YWCA Zurich is part of the Unify mission network and actively takes part in its leadership team

The Unify mission network aims to connect Christians within the YMCA and YWCA in Europe and around the world, and to make them acquainted with the foundation for our entire movement, the Paris Basis.

Attending the Unify is an opportunity for many of our members to strengthen their faith and receive enouragement to continue their volunteer activities at home. The Unify aims to be a place where the YMCA and YWCA's huge diversity can be experienced in an inspiring, peaceful and respectful way.


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Change Agents.

A project of the World Alliance of YMCA's.

The Change Agent training program is offered by the World Alliance of YMCA's for young people to gain international work and leadership experience.

As YMCA/YWCA Zurich, we see ourselves as part of the worldwide YMCA/YWCA movement and would like to pass on this perspective to all our members and member organisations. Therefore we are proud to have Tabea Ulrich v/o Sores from the YMCA/YWCA of Zürich 10 as a trained Change Agent as one of our members.

Learn more about the Change Agent Training Program on the World YMCA's website (in English)