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Our association's magazine, published twice a year.
Our annual reports since 1887 are available online.
Our Armenian newsletter, published twice a year.


"Cevital", our association's magazine, has appeared in the current format twice a year since 2001.

The current issue of our magazine "Cevital" for download. 
All issues since 1997 are available in our online archive.


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Cevital 01+02-2020

Annual Reports

Our annual reports dating back to 1887 are available online. The latest annual report is available here, all others can be found in our online archive.

The latest annual report for download. 
All annual reports since 1887 are available digitally in our online archive.


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Jahresbericht 2019


"Hamamlezi" is the name of the newsletter of our partnership with Armenia.
Usually, this publication appears twice a year (bilingual German / English).
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Hamamlezi 2013 01
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Hamamlezi 2012 02
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Hamamlezi 2012 01
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Hamamlezi 2011 02
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Hamamlezi 2011 01
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Hamamlezi 2010 01
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